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Acrylic nail starter kit
Acrylic nail starter kit
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Acrylic nail starter kit

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This Full edge nails acrylic and liquid powder kits is the perfect training kit or as an introduction to this popular system. 
Full of professional products for the Acrylic and Liquid Powder Nail System!
Acrylic Liquid and Powder nail enhancements are an ever popular way of creating the perfect nail enhancement. New product developments ensure ultimate performance combining strength and durability. Making this the perfect student training kit or as an introduction into The Edge Acrylic Liquid and Powder system, this kit contains everything required to create beautiful nail enhancements. 
Tried and tested, this strong durable acrylic system is a self levelling formulation.
It allows more time to achieve the perfect shape, giving the nail technician more control.
Containing all products needed for acrylic nail enhancements
you will need to purchase and top coats or gels as these are not included.
Uv/led lamp 
1 x Acetone 60ml, 
1 x Acrylic Liquid 50ml, 
1 x Acrylic Powder Clear 40g, 
1 x Acrylic Powder Pink 40g, 
1 x Acrylic Powder White 40g, 
1 x Nail Glue 3g, 
1 x Nail Primer Pen, 
1 x Sterilising Spray 60ml, 
1 x Sterilising Gel 60ml, 
1 x Tip Blender 15ml, 
1 x Nail Fresh 100ml, 
1 x Plastic Dropper, 
 20 Natural Competition Tips, 
1 x Black Beauty 240/240, 
1 x Lint Free Pads, 
1 x Dappen Dish, 
1 x Sable Brush No.8 Round, 
Manicure Sticks, 
20 Olympic Assorted Tips, 
20 Active Assorted Tips, 
20 Ultra Assorted Tips, 
20 Big C Assorted Tips, 
20 French White Assorted Tips, 
1 x Pink Tip Cutters, 
1 x Curved Nail Scissors, 
Gold Nail Forms, 
Duraboad 100/180, 
Duraboard 240/240, 
1 x White Block, 
1 x Quick Shiner Buffer, 
1 x Cuticle Pusher, 
1 x Kit Bag